Review of reasons behind popularity of Redbridge International Academy

Although there are many international schools in Bangalore, Redbridge International Academy is now becoming a favourite international school for many parents. The reviews of Redbridge International Academy will tell you that Redbridge International Academy is one of the most sought after metropolitan city, Bangalore. Redbridge International School is the right choice for the students and parents who seeking international education in Bangalore with world-class facilities.

Redbridge International Academy is authorized to offer both ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) and IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education, Cambridge UK) Curriculum. Redbridge is also accredited as an IB School and is authorised to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP). Redbridge International School has complete infrastructure to offer children both active learning through classroom curricula and outdoor activities. The aim of Redbridge International School, Bangalore is to foster creativity and holistic development through personalized attention. That is why, at Redbridge International School, we have a complete range of infrastructure such as open spaces, spacious classrooms, and ample room for children to learn and play.

Redbridge International School has both a day and boarding school. It is located in Electronic city, Bangalore. Redbridge International School is spread over a sprawling 13 acre environmentally-friendly campus. Redbridge International School has world class infrastructure to facilitate wholistic learning of children such as smart boards to laboratories and activity rooms.  Redbridge International School exclusively reserve the number of students to 20 in a particular classroom so that every student gets equal attention by their respective teachers.

Each classroom at Redbridge International Academy is designed to inspire and excite students to learn with interactive engagements. Classrooms are spacious, well-illuminated by large windows, well-ventilated and well-lit. The academic fraternity at Redbridge International School has a cross-spectrum of students and expert faculty from across India and abroad. The teachers at the Redbridge International teach students not just academic work but also teach them to respect and conserve the environment through various projects. Concepts like rainwater harvesting, organic farming, a solar power plant and a sewage treatment plant are a part of education. Apart from curricula, Redbridge International School have both outdoor and indoor facilities. The sports facilities at Redbridge International School include amenities to provide overall physical well-being to students.

The values of Redbridge International Academy are providing children with support beyond academics; intended to build the children on moral, intellectual and overall educational support. Children are trained to develop critical thinking. That’s why Redbridge International Academy Bangalore considers social, emotional, and character development (SECD) as an essential ingredient for academic excellence and success. The core values of Redbridge International Academy are to promote promoting self-esteem through recognition of talent and by involving parents as responsible stakeholders in the school policy.

To nurture your children’s future, contact Redbridge School. Admissions at the Redbridge International Academy are open throughout the year. The admissions are open for all the students covering from Pre-Nursery to Grade 12. Please fill the enquiry form and for further details find here.

Things to check while choosing an international school Bangalore

Finding the perfect school for your kids is never an easy job. Your child will be spending time to get an education and changing schools very often can be stressful for both you and the child. There are many international schools in Bangalore offering a variety of choices in the different learning environment, syllabus and curricula. Before you head off in search of a new school, here are some things to consider before deciding which school your children should go.

1.       What is the curriculum in the school?

Research on is the school curriculum offered to children before you decide on choosing what international school Bangalore in the best. You should be clear on what children will be taught and so you can ask relevant questions for your child, especially if your child is nearing critical exam time. Check if the school is authorized to offer ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education), IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education, Cambridge UK), International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) or CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) Curriculum.

2.       What are the infrastructures in school?

Check on the school infrastructure such as having a complete infrastructure to offer children both active learning through classroom curricula and outdoor activities. The infrastructure of international schools in Bangalore should promote the balance of learning, practical activities and academic learning, where they sit and listen. Check on schools infrastructures such as providing scientific experiments, designing and making robots, writing exciting booklets or practical mathematical problems that involve using the equipment.

3.       Location of the school

The location of the school international schools in Bangalore also matters in relation to the proximity of your home and also the locality of the school. Younger children have a long day at school so schools at a long distance will not be good. However, older children can cope with long distance. If the children are taking a school bus, find out if you can have the bus supervisor’s phone number. The surrounding of the school should also be clean and hygienic with ample space for children to play and have sports as part of the curricula. Remember the city can be clogged by traffic so distance matters. Location of the school should be on the checklist.

4.       Learning environment of the school

By learning environment of an international school, we mean checking on the diverse physical locations, contexts, and cultures in which students learn offered by the school. The learning environment should encompass ethos and characteristics, including how individuals interact with and treat one another. Also pay attention to teachers may organize an educational setting to facilitate learning. The learning environment should also include physical institutional learning environments such as classrooms, lecture theatres and labs, or on the technologies used to create online personal learning environments (PLEs), and also overall character development of the children.

5.       Cost of the school of an international school in Bangalore

Clarify on the cost of each international school. Check on how the fees are to be paid, its instalment and charge per cost. The school should provide a breakdown of what you will be paying for and at the end of the year what you have spent.

Why choose Redbridge Academy Bangalore for your child?

Redbridge Academy Bangalore as an educational institute has a humbling and supportive educational environment. Redbridge International Academy provides students with a surrounding where students discover and empower their strengths before they step out into a challenging world. As one of the top international schools in Bangalore, Redbridge International School values promises to live one’s own truth—To academic excellence and deeply liberal values. Redbridge International School understands education is the foundation of a person. As parents, you want to give the best education to your children and send them to top international schools. It is education that makes a person ready to face the challenges of the world by providing them with important life skills and training. Traits and beliefs carried forward through university and into a bright future, leaving an indelible mark on the world.

As one of the most sought after metropolitan city, Bangalore has many international schools. What makes Redbridge International School distinct from the other international schools in Bangalore is that Redbridge International Academy is authorized to offer both ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) and IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education, Cambridge UK) Curriculum. Redbridge is also accredited as an IB School and is authorised to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP).

Having a world-class and a complete infrastructure to offer children both active learning through classroom curricula and outdoor activities, Redbridge International Academy Bangalore is one of the best international schools in Bangalore. The core values of Redbridge International Academy are based on fostering creativity and holistic development through personalized attention. That is why, at Redbridge International School, we have a complete range of infrastructures such as open spaces, spacious classrooms, and ample room for children to learn and play.

Situated at the countryside of Bengaluru, near Electronic City, Redbridge International School has both a day and boarding school. Spread over a sprawling 13-acre environmentally-friendly campus, Redbridge International School has world-class infrastructure. Redbridge International School facilitates wholistic learning such as smart boards to laboratories and activity rooms. We exclusively reserve the number of students to 20 in a particular classroom. We do this so that every student gets equal attention to their respective teachers.

Redbridge International School reviews Bangalore will show that Redbridge International School believes in letting children what they are passionate about. Whether it’s academic achievement, athletic discipline, community connections or collaborative projects, students of Redbridge International School always excel.

Reasons Behind Popularity of Redbridge International Academy, Bangalore

Redbridge international academy has been so far the best school in Bangalore I have put my daughter in. She is presently a ninth-grader and this is her third school. We looked at around six to seven schools for her before settling on Redbridge. We came to think about the institution through a friend and later on checked for Redbridge International Academy Bangalore on the web. Since the surveys were great, we visited the school just to cross-check before really putting her there. When we saw the school, we were persuaded that Redbridge school review was not advertised and that it would unquestionably be the perfect decision. This is her second year there and we totally don’t have any second thoughts or complaints.

Why has Redbridge gotten so prominent?

What grabbed our attention promptly was its foundation. They had roomy and sufficiently bright study halls outfitted with Smart Board and a wide range of present-day advancements, different recreational rooms like stoneware rooms, dance and drama studio, music rooms with various instruments, completely joked PC and mechanical autonomy labs. They likewise had offices for different games and games, for example, football, cricket, b-ball, hockey, badminton, volleyball, toss ball, games, skating, karate, snooker, table tennis, carom, squash and yoga.

This obviously indicated the significance they provided for co-curricular exercises. Furthermore, I understood I was not off-base, inside around a quarter of a year of my child joining there. They gave equivalent weight-age to different exercises alongside considers. They concentrated on the general improvement of their understudies instead of focusing on learned information alone. My child had significantly improved her social and discourse abilities. She likewise began getting a ton of virtues in her conduct. Most likely in view of the tranquil condition there, his imprints began showing signs of improvement.

It was described in one of the Redbridge international academy review about how well they guaranteed their students’ safety. This was genuine without a doubt. There were CCTV cameras introduced all over, an adequate number of securities throughout the school, required id card framework, and so on. There were even alternatives to track the bus route from the parent’s mobile. This colossally impressed me as security was my top concern when it went to my child.

The curriculum offered included both ICSE just as IGCSE & IBDP which makes the students work somewhat harder and gain practical knowledge. This has clearly worked in great stead to the extent my child is concerned. Rather than mugging up the information, they attempt to apply it in their genuine circumstances, which I accept will greatly help her when she starts working in future.

Boarding offices are likewise given here. So just on the off chance that one of us needs to move out, due to job requirements, we would not need to be stressed over moving her school once more. We have just changed her school thrice and wouldn’t need her to experience the careful procedure of acclimating to another condition by and by.

Redbridge Academy Bangalore Reviews, and Awards

Redbridge International Academy is an international school in every sense of the word. This school is situated in the IT hub of Electronic City at Bangalore, Redbridge has taken education to an all-new level. In a short span of 5 years since its establishment, Redbridge school reviews as the top school has been accredited to offer three school curriculum programs from K-12; the ICSE (from Grade 1 to 12), the IGCSE (UK – Grade 9 and 10) and is an authorized International Baccalaureate World School to offer the IB Diploma Program (Switzerland) or IBDP (Grade 11 and 12). 

Both a day cum boarding school, Redbridge international school is spread over a sprawling 13-acre environmentally-friendly campus hosting over 400 students and 48 well-qualified faculty members in the academic year 2019-20. Complete with an aesthetic appeal, open spaces, spacious classrooms with the latest technology there is ample room for children to learn and play. 

Redbridge school promotes academic rigour, creativity and holistic child development through personalized attention. Redbridge aims to make education as a force to combine people, nations and cultures for a peaceful, sustainable and equitable future for the world of tomorrow. 

Redbridge academy has small class sizes with expert mentors who provide individual attention to wards, fostering excellence in academics as well as co-curricular activities. Sports and athletics are taught within state of the art indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Teachers are well-qualified experts with a wide range of interdisciplinary research, project work and encourage technology-enhanced learning for all subjects, including English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, Business, Economics and Psychology. 

Subjects like digital art, drama, dance, painting, martial arts and music are also given equal importance. Students are experientially taught values, competences, positive dispositions, excellent communication and leadership skills through outbound adventure campus. The school has an excellent career counsellor with collaborations with top Universities across the world. 
Redbridge School Bangalore reviews as a proud recipient of various prestigious awards in the realm of Education offered by reputed international institutes and educational bodies. These accolades include various awards and appreciations for its innovative architecture, visionary leadership, individual attention to students, co-curricular activities, and for excellence in Steam Education.

Review of Pastoral Care System at Redbridge International Academy

Redbridge International Academy Bangalore is fast growing in popularity as one of the best schools in the city offering quality education. Let us explore the pastoral care system that Redbridge International School Bangalore has implemented.

Review of Pastoral Care at Redbridge International Academy Bangalore

Redbridge Academy has designed its pastoral policy in such a way that it assists students achieve academic excellence and adjust to different emotional experiences.

Redbridge International Academy review shows that the school has implemented pastoral care system for regular as well as week boarders. The best part of pastoral care system is that counselors at Redbridge Academy get involved in proper mentoring all the students. Additionally, such mentoring is provided to all the students, irrespective of grade they are in.

Primary School Pastoral Care

For students in primary school, it is the responsibility of grade teachers to maintain discipline. Additionally, counselors play their role in making sure psychological and emotional well-being of students is taken care of in right manner.

Senior School Pastoral Care

Here, students are part of any of the four houses, Terra, Ignis, Aeris, and Aquas. The housemistress or housemaster is responsible for implementation of pastoral system in their respective house.

The role of the tutor is to take attendance and get in touch with students on a weekly basis. Residential tutors also look after supervision during study hours and they also look after weekend activities.

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